Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My two new books I'm currently reading...

Two of my new precious books I'm currently reading. One of them(THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES) by Jack Canfield I read already during my time in Wandsworth Prison. Its a very powerful book I would recommend anyone to read if they want to excel in life, and put things into order.. Without my time there I would probably never picked it up. EVERYTHING happens for a reason.. In fact it was my cell mate who had it, once I finished reading it. He moved out to another cell. It meant to be for me.. Has everything you really need to know. Apply that to your personal life experiences and you'll be unbeatable. THE ART OF SEDUCTION is my book I currently read on my free time, while catching the tube in London or when when free time let me(which I don't have much off now) due to all work coming in. Its been a long journey back the last 1 1/2 Month. very good time though.. If life was easy it would be any fun.. I'm always up for new challenges, those are the ones that make you grown as a person.To me, people who don't try things out, those are the ones who have failed what life has to offer. ENJOY AND ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!
Will post all details about my court case very soon.. The trial is in JULY and looking forward to prove who is lying and to prove my innocent. Some people say I should go to the MEDIA about it, but I don't want to do that yet, it will be a big mess not for me but for the other part... Never in business Play your cards first. Let people choose first and then make your move ;) Always maintain good intentions towards others and never back bite!!!