Thursday, May 13, 2010

London with Cristina first day we got back together.
Date: 05/05/2010.
She is so special and we have always been completely the same since we meet.
Don't know why Ive been chasing all these women these years, much because I wanted to play and have fun and try to find the real love. But here she is, and always have been since 9 years... So know you all now what she looks like. She love yoga, health, cooking, talented , beautiful, smart, friendly, loves to travel all over the world with many friends all over the place just like me and loved by many. She is very truthful and would never cheat.. Together we are a unbeatable couple!
Glad to introduce her to you all. And i believe everything happens for a reason.. And its always fr the better if we want it to be.. It always start with the persons intention.

With Natasha.. One of Cristina great and close friends..