Friday, May 07, 2010

Just a quick update.. This message I will expand for you all soon..

Since coming out of Prison in custody 6 month..Things have been really hard!!
The hardest time of my life for sure, so many things have happened at the same time its almost unimaginable to believe. Many people would fold or collapse after going through the same experience I had. But I DON'T because my eyes are still on the prize - THE PERFECT LIFE!

Through this horrible time, something else have also blossomed . Something that I could only dream about a while ago, but now its real and its here to stay for ever. I'm back with the love of my life who has always been there for me, its my ex girlfriend(CRISTINA) since 9 years back when we dated in Barcelona(Spain) 2001. It was truly the best relationship I've ever had, never argue, much because we are very similar people, easy going, fun to be around and kind to others and on hot too. Its interesting to see how life's takes you from one thing to another. We both have kept in touch for the past 9 years on and off flirting with each other back and forth on facebook etc. Also had a little thing a while back in Thailand, that almost ended our love because of my relationship at that time with UNIVERSE mother. I've always took a step back and never pursued our relationship,because i felt Cristina was a to wonderful person and I didn't wanted to hurt her with my PLAYER style and appetite for women. Now things have changed and Ive matured a lot since this experience here in London.

Now we are back with each other and faith has brought us here. I'm so happy how things are turning out and hope it will continue for many more years to come.. But when I say this there is still problems hanging on my shoulders that I need to deal with this coming JULY.

Cristian Vargas..I can now honestly say after all these 9 years I'm now ready for you..

I will post some photos tomorrow for you all to see how gorgeous she is and how well we fit together. She is proud of me being father to UNIVERSE too.