Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work work work, 24/7... Never stop when you do business on your own....

Me and Bryan keep our hardcore working procedure as always 24/7 with different projects here and there.. This day we where out for some fun. Manage to get some great shot of my last Print Ad Job for Siam paragon(Electronic Exhibition). Usually I never take photos of my work, but that's something I'm going to start doing now. More interesting to see the actual work at its place.. During the electronic Exhibition we contacted most exhibitors and requested their contact number, mobile and email. We will; approach them for sponsorship regarding our GYM. Which is a massive project we(me & bryan)currently working on.. We just got FBT SPORTSFBT SPORTS WEBSITE its thailand biggest sport provider of merchandise. FBT SPORTS has its own factory in Thailand. They are coming in as out partner for the Gym equipment(1 Million THB). Plus we will work on profit margins for our PRO SHOP... These are just a few details I'm sharing now with you all. More to come soon, since we the project is still under construction.

After a hard day of work, its time for PLAY as well. me and bryan finished out party at Narz , early morning sunday. Pfff!! Another week has past us by and so much have been done. Already looking forward to the next week ahead and the things that comes with it ;) Hope you do the same and keep your inspired 24/7.. By staying innovative and productive.. Cheers!!

Sharing some photos from the SIAM PARAGON final result.