Monday, July 06, 2009

Preparing for one of our up coming events this month "ART ROAD SHOW" partnership with ASIASERENITY to showcase their beautiful ART WORK.

One of the artist we featuring in this ART ROAD SHOW!

We meet Ms AYE & Mr Horace diuring our last trade show event in July. They're a great married couple with a son 1 1/2 Years old who rented a booth from us.

During our last event(TRADE SHOW), they did not sell any paintings, though they made some really good connexions and synergies with others. But I was still a bit disappointed for them not selling anything. I told them our meeting was just the beginning for something bigger. What we do today should leave to something better tomorrow. Maybe no sales today, but definitely tomorrow. So today we are here, 1 month after.I got this idea about creating a ART ROAD SHOW, help promote their business, help promote the hotel business, and learn more about Art. But most of all having fun while doing what I love(meeting people and putting things together).
Bryan my business partner for EMPIRE GYM. Our business we soon plan to reveal.. He is now also working with me for UNIVERSAL PLAYER , and were doing great partnership.Maybe because he is a fighter/trainer in martial art. So he has applied the fighting formula to never give up. Which I like and support any day anytime. We make a perfect couple in business...
Only pussies cries and go home to mama ;) buhuuuhu haha. Kinda..! Don't want to be to evil now *WINK WiNK*..

Anyway, here are some photos from the setup and preparation for one of our next events this coming month. This month, we have two events happening at Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok. Great collaboration between us at the moment! If anyone of you are interested to buy anyof these pieces , please feel free to contact us anytime: Shipping can be arranged.

Photography made by:Patrick Ribbsaeter with a Canon Camera IXUS 960 iS

From far left: Me, then wife & husband (Ms Aye, Mr Horace) and my business partner(Bryan) far right.

Ater putting all the Beautiful ART WORK to their respective places. Me and Bryan decided to chill out with two glass of White wine and some snacks, complimentary from Thomas Deledalle (Restaurant & Lounge Manager @ D'Sense). He is a cool and friendly guy to associate with.