Thursday, January 08, 2009


One of my most favorite Fan's "Tekhanei Venture".. Always surprises me with a lot of support and good spell bound words.... And I love her for doing that.. It keeps me inspired and focused to do more. Also thanks to all of you who has been sending me emails last year and the beginning of this year 2009 . I'm forever grateful to all of you!
Here is the text Tekhanei Venture left on my facebook account:
Easy to tell *U* age like a fine wine, but excel in fruitful vintage
momentos! :>
2009 has you sporting the continuing signet 'saga' of an optimal MOD prime.
Only *U* could crouch this low, be UP on your toes, & STILL look fantastic! It's an art to looking relaxed & becoming compact-like
at the same time--Some of us can appreciate that--Tehe!...Could this difficult pose have been inspired by pondering the preliminary playful paternal instincts? If so, *U* already prepared in advance for those moments when your lil' Prince decides to test your agility from his padded playpen...Have fun playing catch the free style future Olympian assimulated shot-putting Binky Champ's occasional practice pitch 'n' toss shots, when the pacifier no longer suffices as substitute for the inbetween "real-meal-deal."
By the winding way:..Best Wishes for Prince Precious' Smooth Entry into the 'Outfield', because of no more 'womb' in the inn, during Feb. :)
A 1001 ~rocking~ Cradle 2B CONGRAT's!
Many time I wonder where she gets all this creative words from. Its just to cool and very creative ;)

photos fro the HOBBY SHOT. Please do leave me your comments..