Thursday, January 15, 2009


THIS BEACH PARTY IN PATTAYA TO ORGANIZE WAS A TOUGH ONE.. Leaving from Bangkok on saturday at 11 Pm to Pattaya, was definitely not the right time to go. Driving to Pattaya is about two hours from bangkok, so me and pam(Personal Assistant) we arrived there late.. And what's the first thing we do. Yep, Starting to party to loosen up a bit after the drive.. Because head of us we had many hours of promotion with flyers.. U might ask why I hand out these flyers myself.. Well, many reason sis because I want to have direct feeling with people... Early morning sunday, id rove back to Bangkok.. And damn u can't believe it.. I was so tired from all thew ork and driving, so O forgot to put gas in the car, not once but two times. Hahah.. This was a real crazy trip to between Bangkok - Pattaya - Bangkok... After coming home early morning waking up my lovely girlfriend.. I could only get rest for 1-2 hours max.. I crashed out and couldn't hear the phone ring.. Woke up at 13 Pm... and rushed my way back to Pattaya again.. The people from bangkok I had already ushered in the Van. anyway.. Story to continue.. Now very busy with work... Talk to you all later... Peace and love.. Patrick