Monday, December 08, 2008

more surprises !!

Dear Players,
My first child daughter "Nicole" that I have never meet in my life.. She is getting older and more beautiful everyday as I can see from this photo here.... I just found this photo of her today on her mother"Eunizia" facebook account.. Actually, it was my big sister"Renate" who left a message on their photo.. So that's how I could see the comment and visit the photo...
WOW! kinda crazy to see her and not knowing her at all. I would love to getting to know her and so my family... To bad the mother is keeping her away from us.. My opinion , child should always have the right to their real parents at least let them know who they are... I hope one day i get to meet her and bring her up with me and my new coming baby boy ;) That would be awesome, and Im sure she will be very happy knowing she has a little brother ;)

This photo is from when she is young and the second photo is he recent photo I took from facebook today.

My Personal message to Nicole. I want you to know I love you and looking forward to meet you one day in the future and given the chance to take care of you... Kisses from your REAL DAD, Patrick(UNIVERSAL PLAYER)