Saturday, November 15, 2008


Dear Players,

Two days ago I received a email from my female model friend Arnika Enderle. She told me her boss where she works in BAngkok has several puppies for adoption.. Is there anyone of you who are living in Bangkok and would like to adopt sny of these cuties ?? I don't know what to do much more, the sending out a email to the news paper in hopes of them helping out with a free advertising.. Ohh, Ps... I should tell that to the owner of the dogs... Great thinking patrick.. Why leave the problem to others when he can do alone.. Hmmm .... Anyway, I don't mind to help people out ... After all in the end I'm helping the puppies no matter what, that's the hole point.. Wish us luck and hope these small little ones get a home soon. If u have any leads of what to do. You help will be very much appreciated ;)