Monday, November 03, 2008

My good long time buddy "Solid Gold"... Mr Colin from Australia, just launched his new hot website..

In today’s society first impression do count and your online photo speaks of you whether your photos are helping to find someone special on a dating site, blog, photo sharing site, or social networking profile. The internet is littered with personal photos of us so looking our best in ever photo is important. My Perfect Profile aims to capture those within the market who are as concerned about their online appearance as they are offline.

My Perfect Profile is a new online photo retouching service that offers a unique product which allows you to visualize yourself after many popular cosmetic surgery procedures without having to go under the surgeon’s knife. If you have ever considering cosmetic surgery or just curious, My Perfect Profile can give you breast implants, plumper lips, liposuction, facelifts, nose jobs, perfect skin, add muscle, neck lifts, remove wrinkles and much more.

My Perfect Profile's team of professional graphic artists and beauty consultants will have your requested photo ready for you to download within 24 hours. How’s that for instant beauty? With the average market price of a professional photo touch-up hovering around $50, My Perfect Profile worked to discover ways to cut costs while delivering professional retouching quality.

My Perfect Profile is not an automated photo retouching service. Real people will enhance your digital image. My Perfect profile uses professional retouching and enhancing techniques to create the ideal photo that you can be proud of showing the world.
So, why wait? Give your photo a facelift with My Perfect Profile.

The website:My Perfect Profile

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