Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Saturday 25 Th october, this was a truly great day and cause to remember. SCAD Bangkok had organized together with Emporium Department store in Bangkok(Thailand) adoption day for their dogs and cats. Myself and Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe) Scad bangkok personal ambassador was invited for this great event among other thai celebrities and their dogs.
Me and Natalie got two dogs that had just been taken off the streets in Bangkok, they where a bit smelly. But so damn cute both of them and in a very good loving mood. The event was packed with guests, children, mother, fathers brothers and sisters of all classes. The team of Scad told me in a email, the event was very successful and many people adopted our little friends. I'm so happy to receive those news. I wanted myself to adopt one, but at the moment I don't have any time for other things then business. I hardly have time for my girlfriend. Hope that will be changed very soon. So With this I keep myself short. For you players who would like and help out. NOW U CAN! you can donate a small contribution or big one, its all up to you and what your pocket can handle. I know the economy is down everywhere in the world now, but just 1 dollar each would make such different in a country like Thailand. It will go for medical treatment for these poor homeless dogs.
Thanks to those of your who are reaching out for others.
Thanks also to all Members and team at SCAD BANGKOK ( Sheridan Conisbee, Amm, Patrick Bundock, Billie Minshall, Claire Deacon, Annelize Booysen, Wendy Edney, Carrie Pinnow, Belinda Langman, Teng Wong, Mark Stelzner, Elaine Tobias MS, VMD, Tom van Blarcom, Leanne Gryga, Dr Komkrit Plakprajit, Waralee Saengkam (Mot), Khun Somchai & Aree, Krittika Soponsakulrat (Khun Ti), Sarajane Daniels, Angela Boner, Karen van der Schaar and to all of you out there supporting in the best way you can for the outstanding work to save more life's I'm blessed to have been able to come around these people and personalities..

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Singing off,