Wednesday, July 02, 2008


For all of you who haven't had the chance to see or hear 'Masashi Osaku' playing live, now u can. UNIVERSAL PLAYER & CLUB IBIZA BKK has brought him all the way from japan for this historic night just for you.

MASASHI OSAKU is a DJ specializing in ELECTRO/PROG/ACID HOUSE , which at the moment is extremely popular all over the world.
The HOUSE scene in Japan is still growing and he is one of Japan's pioneers.
He is constantly searching the IBIZA, EU and the World for the newest hippest tunes to bring to Japan.
He continues to push, experiment, and develop the HOUSE scene in Japan hoping to give the Japanese audience UK/IBIZA experiences.

In 2005&2007, MASASHI OSAKU went to IBIZA to see the World's best DJs for himself.
After his experience in the IBIZA his confidence and determination has grown and he would like more foreign audiences to experience his vision.
Through his music you experience madness, friendship, sadness, darkness, and fun of HOUSE MUSIC.
His music not only supported by Japanese audience but foreigners as well.
The name of the DJ is not important. The DJ that plays the longest is not important.
The most important thing is the experience the audience gets from the music.
MASASHI OSAKU truly believes this.

Masashi Osaku podcast.


21.00 Pm Warm up by Club Ibiza Bkk Resident Dj.
10.45 Pm 'MASASHI OSAKU' to bring some heat.

Dress code: Ready to sweat

Ticket sale: 600 THB per person, Including 2 Free Drinks.

The first 100 emails we receive will get Free entry + 1 Free drink, because we love our people "YOU".

Special promotion this evening.
1 V.I.P Table + 2 to 10 people Entrance + 1 bottle Dewars Whiskey. Price 4.000 THB only. (Saves you 2.000 THB).
These vip tables are next to the dance floor and Dj boot. Best seats in the house.

We would need your confirmation through email, not facebook.

For table reservations or confirm your ticket on our guest list, please call or email:

+66 8 5057 0347

Exclusive Sponsors;
*Grey Goose
*Dewars Whiskey
*San Miguel