Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sharing one of my hundred emails I send out everyday, so u players get another side and insight to my work ;)
I know my writing and spelling can be very bad here on blogger. But for my emails < i really try to work it harder. Not because its more important then u all. Its just that I'm very limited with time and difficulties correcting the blog.And I;m sure you all understand anyway ;) That's why u are UNIVERSAL PLAYERS.

Email is for my next event on the 29 Th June.

Hi Cany !

How have u been doing ?

Time flies, as we say ;)

Has Davina filled u in on my up coming charity event on the 29 Th of June ???

I'm emailing you now to inform that I have a business proposal for you excluding to my next event.

When would u be free to meet in person and talk details, I could easily get myself to your most convenient spot and time ?

Meanwhile, I'll give u some information for the charity event on 29 Th.

We just recent held a fundraising event. We where able to raise around 3.500 THB from our Wine tasting event, as well with donations from Santhi and Davina them self which I'm very grateful for.

On our visit to the orphanage, We will donate some money for food and so we can play with the kids. This is the procedure they have done so far. The woman "May" told me, She is the one who has been organizing two trips there.

So my foundation wanted to help out a bit.

I'm going to see if we can get another type of food this time from one of our sponsors and friends. Possibly Indian food if possible and other activities.
I want to give these kids a new experience from life. I have also pledged from my network/database, if people have any clothes, toys, stationery, books laying around in there storage. We though this would be a great opportunity to donate them for people who are in need. There are about 300 - 400 Kids there in total. But I think we will meet around 60 of them this time.

At the orphanage, I wanted to have created/look a like fish pond. Where we will hide behind, and the kids can fish for goodies. Possibly toys etc.

So what I wanted to ask you and Gallothai, if u guys are interested to sponsors with some chocolate for this event..
To give this kids a really unforgettable time about how beautiful life is and can taste like, that will hopefully inspire these kids for the future.

I have approached a clown. But he can't make it on that day unfortunately.

So I'm going to approach a magician as well and see if something can be arranged or maybe we just take this turn a bit slow, handing out food and toys. and for the next one we do a bigger one.

Please do let me know if u are interested to help out for this event in anyway ?

P.S. I have attached some information to this email for your viewing about the orphanage.

Thansk in advance,
Best Regards,