Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Player,

Hope u all are doing great. Im sure you do, if not change strategy immediately ;)

Lately my work has been very successful here in Bangkok. Some parties turned to to be total flop, in terms of lacking people/guests. So what I did was from these three past events which was not successful. FAILURES / MISTAKES WE ALWAYS LEARN FROM(HOPEFULLY). I sat down at the drawing board and started to look at the mistakes. Everything from beginning to the end was good. There was one thing I had left out in order for my event to be successful. Follow up on people !
So this weekend, my girlfriend went to see her family in her city outside Bangkok. So I decided to change my strategy. From friday night to monday later afternoon. I worked non-stop. I went from every friend page on facebook. which is about 3.000 People and as well from my groups that I have created there. What I did was, I took out all the details from each and everyone of them. Their emails, mobile number, Skype, msn account etc. Yeah, I know its crazy.. But to become successful in your work, u need to be. And that u can only be if u really love what u do..
I put them all in to different files of my database. One file with their names in listed order and mobile number. My marketing strategy I had changed to, was to send out firstly the party details on facebook, create some buzz there. Secondly, the day after, Bcc everyone as well, including my normal database of private friends, business people around the world (Which is a huge list). I send out this email by night, so that people when waking up get the flyer on their morning desk sort of. Time and precision is very important, another word "TIMING".
That's not all. Third, I hired a new person to work with me, who is a good friend of mine. Her name is May.
I put May directly in to action. I'm only hpe that she can pull it off. As my work and time is very demanding. In order for a person to work with me, they need to be strong. I have my faith in May and trust that she will do her outmost for my business.
today(tuesday) she was doing follow up on all the leads/guest and clients from my database. She started with my VIP list of guests. I have introduced now for all my future parties. There will only be entry by Guest List. In order to keep control and have the best crowd in town and soon to be worldwide ;)

Here is a email I've received from another club about me doing parties there. Proposal are coming in now on regular basis. I'm very happy about it, that means my vision is coming together as I wanted it. If u can't visualize it, u can never have it ;)

So I'll share the email with you all, since u all are my family.

More emails to come , very soon...

Hi Patrick,

Let's me introduce myself, Am Atchara Sriwilai, I worked for Lo-Shu as a Business Development. Lo-Shu is a new place and existing for over 6 months already. It is a Bar and Lounge which you will find its will be different atmosphere to somewhere esle. Lo-Shu is a hidden place but it is full of surprise which located on Sukhumvit Soi 23 near Narcissus.

Well, am here because I noticed that you are often organizing the parties by shifting to different places over the BKK night spot and i would like to do business with you. If you are interested to do your next party and looking for awesome place then you could consider Lo-Shu is the next one.

Lo-Shu can provides:

-Lo-Shu can fits in about 200 people for cocktail party
-A big screen + projector if you want to present anything
-Great Music (Lounge, House, Funky and much more)
-Great Cocktails, Wines and Fruit Juices
-A unique looking bartender "Model" import from Germany
-Onwer of Lo-Shu used to live in IBIZA island so you will be sure that we can bring in a great atmosphere for you.

Promotion group party can discuss in more details, you will be sure you will surprise for the place and price.

For your interested, please give me a ring at xxxxxxx or email at xxxxxxx hope to do any business with you!

Best regards,