Thursday, April 24, 2008

GOOD FRIEND "ANTON" on visit in Bangkok.

My good friend "Anton" came to Thailand for some business, regarding the High society "Magazine Tatler" held at Chiang Mai.
So he made a stop in Bangkok and took all of us for dinner at the Sukhotai last week saturday. I happen though to over sleep.And came 1 hour late. It was not very nice of me.. But frankly I was super tired and wanted to have quick nap, which became a very long NAP!

At the dinner Anton surprised me with a Birthday gift, that I was actually suppose to pick up at the cartier shop three weeks earlier. BUt due to my busy schedule I just couldn't find the right time for it. Im very very happy with my birthday gift taht Anton gave me. Thanks Anton and I wont forget it ;)

here are some pics form our evening. The evening/night ended at Indus Bar with two bottles of Smirnoff.. Pfff ! alex got really wasted and drunk.. first time seeing him so drunk. well its always going t be a first. Late evening I dropped both my guest Anna & Anton to their each hotels in bangkok.


From far Left: UNIVERSAL PLAYER 2ND: ANTON (Editor of Philippine Tatler) 3Rd: My girlfriend "Kannika" 4Rd: Joseph Boroski (Mixologist). Second from far right; Carmen ( Cartier) and Alex Dumitriu (Assistant Director UNIVERSAL PLAYER)