Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dear Players,

Me and and my new Assistant Director and "Alex Dumitriu" who is as well my male model from Romania... We both have been working intensively hard on several projects lately.. We are currently limited with time and can only post some short videos or photos for your all to see and enjoy..

Yesterday we received a very nice surprise email from another charity organization in Bangkok. Who focus on helping out and take care of street dogs and cats in Thailand.
We got a email from the founder herself and it inspired me an alex tremendously to do more for the plight of animals and poverty in the world.

We also posted a video that we did two from 2 nights ago..

*This is email we both received from (Founder & President) "Sherry Conisbee"and we want to share with you all and hope it will inspire you as well ;)

Dear Patrick and Alex

The work you are about to attempt with PETA on behalf of the deserving elephants of Thailand warms my heart.

As a member of an animal welfare group in Bangkok, I share your hopes for a better deal for all animals in Thailand. Along with the elephants, 300,000 dogs and many thousands more cats live a pitiful existence on the busy streets of Bangkok and I hope that as a spin off, a greater awareness will be brought to their plight during your campaign. Anyone visiting Thailand cannot fail to notice their sad life.

We're known as SCAD, meaning "Soi Cats and Dogs" www.scadbangkok.org
In our experience, it is not always our successes that spur us on to do more to help the animals. More often it is our failure to save an injured animal that lives on in our memories and leaves us wondering whether we could have done more.

On behalf of the cats and dogs in Thailand who we have helped, and who still need our help, I am wondering whether the Ribbsaeter Foundation can assist our cause. We'd be pleased to show you around, introduce you to our projects and the animals we care so passionately about.

Apologies for my unsolicited approach but I never miss an opportunity to speak up for the animals! Good luck with everything you're doing for the elephants here in Thailand.

With best wishes and hoping to hear from you.
Sherry & the team in Bangkok

Sherry Conisbee
Founder & President - SCAD
Tel: +65 9452 3146

Email adoptions@scadbangkok.org