Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This photo is from a supporter of mine. I just found it on his website.
I love the work very much.. Hoping to see more of these art work soon ;)

Dear Players,

Work is hectic now. I LOVE IT ;)

I have just finished off the editing for the video of Studio 54. Organiized by
Florian, Alex & Stefanie.
3 great people I just got to know recent in the the Bangkok scene. Im sure our firendship is here to stay.
Time is now 05.26 am in the morning. Going throuhg my work for the next day. its a lot !
SoI will keep myself short....
To fill you in on what projects I'm working on at the moment just so u have a clue how hard u should push yoruself as well.
if Im not working on my modeling agency >ribbsaetermodels, there are parties now as well, a book to be published, the calendar I have posponed for the next year. Correspoding with factories about my merchadise UNIVERSAL PLAYER,which includeds Samples, shipping, costings, designs etc.... U name it.. Not only is that taking much of my time, but since I started to incorporate events and parties to my life. A lot of thinking goes in to stay creative and always come up with new ideas that will spin of my brand the in the way I want it and make the crowed pleased, which is most important in Business.
For the past weeks I have been slow with my postings on

-Ladies I'm very sorry for that, u know Im am.. But I still would like to continue my wortk with you both Anne-Marie & Robyn at

Two days ago, I just got a fan mail from a female player name “Tara”. She approached and told me about my misspelling on the blog. I told her I'm aware of that... I told her its nice having flaws, because thats what makes us beautiful... But of course she is right. U cant apply job or write a Cv with bad enlgihs right ? and I odnt wnat u gus to the bored of me right now because of my english.

Tara was very kind to offer me help with the writing, Im her for ever grateful. We our going to start slow with out venture together. But who knows what teh future will bring. I've always sad ”In the end u always end up with the same people as u are”. Its true !

So the help came just like a mircale from above. Now I can hopefully spend a bit more time as on the UNIVERSAL PLAYER blog and longer postings....

So u think thats it ???

Hahaha, Nooooo way.....

Still alot more to do... I also started my own proudction company,,which is called
“Ribbsaeter Production”. Well, which else name did u think I would choose ;)
So included to that, there is time at the event spend for “filming”, then back home...its time for “Editing”. After that its the uploading and marketing to various websites I have....

So u think that's it ??? hahah.. Noooo way.. ...After that I have all my online communities to fix. Such like,,,, ASW (A small world) Its a very private community) Hmmm, where I am.. its so mcuh I cant keep track now. But I'll amange. Ok where was I.. yeah, after ASW A small world... Ther are people adding me from all these communities, giving comments,messages and friend requests.. And some other stuff..

Its still not finished.

As a model agent, I also have direct booking jobs worldwide as well my own mdoeling.. Like the job, I just got in from Dubai. The client in Dubai are looking to bring 20-30 models for a Fashion show 3 weeks.
GOOD MONEY ! If I can close some of those models spot available. So that means I need to scout the models and request their portfolio, snapshots and measurements worldwide and under my network.... email after email on and off between client, agency and model. More to that its also my exclusive models I need to present to agencies worldwide. That itself is a huge number of emails back and forth.. Thats why I have slow down on my own modeling now.
ANother important factor. I cant just get stuck in my own work. I also need to research websites, news, magazines, what hot and what's not. Keep myself updated with current event at all time to be a step ahead in the GAME.

Ok so its finally over... NOT!.

The work is still not over yet....

Day time, running for at least 2-3 meetings or more...

So know u can emagine what a day looks like for me. Like that isnt enough I'm also setting up my own Charity Foundation. And gues the name...??

haha, yes, if u know me.. u right.. Its called ribbsaeterfoundation. Its a now goverment foundation, that will help raise money & awareness of pleighd animals and humanitarian needs...
I feel since joinig The Peta Organziation. People For Ethical Treatment of Animals and spokesperson for Elephants in Asia.
I;m now as well working on my next event which will be to help the Elepahnts in Asia. Im teaming up with another foundation called
Founder and creatof is Gabrielle.
Have a meetign with her this wek about my ideas and project.
I have also aksed Peta to join me in this pursue of my vision to help Elephants. Im wil try to do my outmost gathering Thai celebrities or rando people with big heart. And hopefully get them to auctionaaway some of their precious belongings for animals in need.

As well. business planning and marketing.

Then late evening fitness/workout. Lately, Ive been a bit lazy though.. Nighttime.. my favorutie thing... PARTY AND NETWORKING and then finally maybe pick up a "HOT LADY" for some action, where the most energy will go ;)

Thats not all, but for now it is.. I'm very tired. and have more work to settle now..

Time is now exactly 06.00 am Thursday morning.. I'm excited for what this day will bring me. So should you ;)


P.S I forgot to tell that my facebook account is now open again ;) hurray...

Sleep good my players,


and here are some photos and video from the studio 54 party. ENJOY !

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