Wednesday, January 16, 2008


PHONES PHONES PHONES.....ahhhh... They keep breaking all the time, getting stolen or just being expired by the latest model..
This Is my 10 th phone since last years 2007...
Im so jinxed with electronics its crazy, so its no point buying the latest like Iphone etc. I keep buying new electronics all the time due to my hard lifestyle. Traveling, partying, constantly on the move with it...
I need to slow down.. NOT ! haha...
Especially in business etc, its so important that people can contact u 24/7. I’ll answer even in my dream and if I was dead.
Anyway, I really like this phone. And this time I will try to keep it intact for more then 4 months. LETS SEE HOW THAT GOES, SOON WE WILL KNOW ???

Cheers and don’t lose your phone.