Monday, December 17, 2007


Faith, Belief and Knowing

In every great book there are countless stories of men and women who had great purpose and high ideals; they worked toward and reached incredible goals. Time after time these people came up against obstacles or circumstances that would destroy the average person. These people would find themselves in situations that appeared devastating - they might have lost fortunes, loved ones or possibly had to battle some great physical problem but they never appeared to waiver; it seemed as if nothing could stop them.

You very likely can think of a number of people you know personally or know of, who might be Giants when it comes to producing in your industry.

The record of history in sports is filled with great examples.

What made these people Great was their Belief or Faith - it was unshakable. No one and nothing could disturb or destroy their Faith.

It could very easily appear as if some emotional or capricious God has singled out, reached out and touched these individuals and caused them to do such great things.

Everyone, including YOU, has been touched, blessed, endowed with the tools. You must develop a belief or faith based on understanding, just as these people did for themselves. Their faith was not blind, the bind that is easily shattered like fine crystal with the first knock that comes along. Their faith had a strong foundation based on understanding.

These people are often referred to as being in the spirit, and it is not difficult for them to Believe or have Faith, because they KNOW. They know they can do whatever they visualize. They know they are a dynamic, creative being. They choose the vision and they let God do the work, with and through them.

Bob Proctor