Sunday, September 23, 2007

Simple do's and dont's to be a successful model !

Dear Players,

On the talk about being a successful model. There are quite many elements I could continue talking about for days. There are way’s to get there quick with hard work and determination and of course with the right formula. Which you Player will learn all about by reading my blog ?

Today I will explain just a little bit of what not to do if you want to be successful models.
1. Always take every opportunity that comes your way.. Even if it doesn’t always look the way you where hoping it to be... In the end It might just be that or even better then what you had hope for.. Its in your hands to turn situations around...

2. By not taking smart risks or do follow ups on possible connexions, is a dead end right there.
Always see what the person who approaches you, go to offer and do follow ups with hime or her...

3. Never let your client, Agency wait for you to take your time to finding reason for not sending them the ‘Snapshots’ or information they have requested from you. (This as well is a dead end for your career).

4. Get your shit together as soon as possible, the longer you wait the longer it will take for you to elevate yourself in the business.

5. As a model, your name is everything like any other businesses. Work on it everyday from leaving the house until getting back at the house.

6. There are many good talented models out there, so learn how to see opportunities coming your way. If opportunities not coming your way, go find them.. No excuses !

Dont just be a dumb model sit around and wait for thigns to happen. Its not going to get you anywhere..

More lessons to follow from the UNIVERSAL PLAYER soon.