Monday, September 10, 2007



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Multiple Sources of Income: What the Rich Have Always Known About Wealth Creation

Ever wonder what wealthy people do that's so different? They find a better way and multiply it! When I write a book and it is resold time and time again in various countries, I have created the perfect MSI. I do the work once but am paid for it over and over and over again. This frees me up to create more income generating projects.

Prosperity is available to anyone who chooses it. Wealthy people all have chosen the Multiple Source of Income route - MSI. They have money flowing to them from various sources. They do and you will too! Start today on your journey to financial success. Do it the M.S.I. way.

Why, in a free-enterprise economy, would a worker voluntarily submit to direction by a corporation instead of selling his own output or service directly to customers in the market?

Of course, your P.S.I. - Primary Source of Income is your job. You might be able to create an M.S.I. from your P.S.I. but you want to get income coming to you from various sources. For example, if you are in insurance, you could create additional income from this business by giving lectures, training other agents, or doing joint-ventures with professionals in other non-competing professions.

Creating wealth the M.S.I. way is a relatively easy process if you understand how to establish M.S.I. and you learn it from people who are doing it themselves. What you want is financial independence, financial and emotional well-being. Keep reading for a sure-fire way to do exactly that.

Gerry Robert

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