Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A compilation of try "NOT TO DO" on the RUNWAY !

Dear Players,

Hope you all are doing great in life...

Yepp, I’m still super busy with work...

Just want to put the record straight now.

To all of you who have questions (STUPID ONES) ????

I would like to ask YOU, the person to keep them for yourself.
I’m really trying to manage my time to answer all my fan mails that comes in, which is already a lot of work.. Of course it really pleases me to do it !
Would appreciate for those sending me stupid questions, to stop it right now...

1. In pursue for success in business etc. Time management is one of the key factors to achieve great success. Instead of spending time on emailing people (ME) stupid questions like I have been recieving for quite sometime now. Try to use that time to create or work on your own business setup, family etc.. Time is ticking and you are losing time. NOT ME !

I do welcome all question on "HOW TO" improve your carreer better for a more fulfilling life and how I can help you get there.

A video from couple of fays ago, which kinf of came in good hands for this posting.

Ok, so... Shall we move on the next topic;)

Here are some videos I have assembled for your viewing. Let it be a good set of learning before stepping on to the CATWALK!