Monday, June 18, 2007


Dear Players,

Its been a excellent day, the sun has been shining bright all day. Had two casting only, and got myself some time to work on my internet business a bit more then usual..
Today I will reveal some master tools for better and more successful modeling... And how you can learn and adapt it for your own success both in front of the camera and outside the photo shoots. Confidence is always good to have, in any situation..
If you have been following my blog for sometime, you will know I’ve mention the importance. Know “HOW TO” work the camera and win the people around you...
In my 6 years of modeling I’ve cum across many models, some with great portfolios and some with less great photos in their book. There are reason why, its like that....
Many people say, the different is because of the job you do,and what photographer is shooting you for the job.. Its true ! But there is more in to make a great shoot, then just trusting the makeup and photography work and the ultimately photoshop work.
One of my key factors for making such great success as a model, is because of my flexibility to work in different outfits such as Editorials, Suits, Catalogue, Tv-commercials , Print Ads, Campaigns and tons of Underwear work. Even though I don’t have the best body, compare to many of the male model in the industry.
The different is.. What I believe, and have gotten confirmed when it comes down to the bottom. Is how you WORK IT BABY!
In this post you will learn how to relax and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.
How often do during a shoot can you feel nervous, because you are not sure about your facial expressions and body work ??
I’m sure the could be quite a lot of moments during one shoot. Even I have it sometimes, to be honest.
No one is perfect. But its important we work on getting that fear away, from what is keeping ourself and photos from excel to what we can do...
Its all about over come your fear !
Having 5,maybe 20 even up to 500 people starring at your while doing your thing isn’t easy. I know...

These photos I have used for this post to explain is from my work two week’s for G-market G-Market Korea. The Marketing director “ Anna was very kind enough to email me all the photos, which turned out to be about a bit more then 1000 photos. And I could say that 98% of them where great, and that is not a bad statistic at all... Of oucrse the clinet won't be using all 1000 photo.. These photos are in raw file and not yet edited. Looking forward to see what photos they will use in the end. The concept for this shoot was paparazzi.. So there isn’t much High fashion poses involve, just a cool feeling on a normal day out.

Here are some simple explanations on how think and work like a pro model anywhere in the world. “Remember the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side ;) “.


Feeling of you, just parked the car and need smoke before heading on. Also try to visualize every photo, just like its you in it. It will be ride for you as well ;)

Just looking down in the street and waiting for the time to pass without any strong facial expressions.

This photo is like you just heard a bang across the street and it suddenly caught your attention from daydreaming. Great way is to frow with your eye browns.

Sitting down, chilling wacthing across the street. Emagine you see something interesting in the same time it itches in the back. You need to belive it itches, to get that perfect glimt in the eye.


A casual strong look to the left. Nothing more nothing less. Just strong !

This photo, you are standing in a alley relaxing in the sun. And what you feel is to shake your hair, thats laying across your eyes. If you dont have hair, well you better come up with soemthing else then ;)

This feeling is more relaxed and wondering when the bus will arrive. You have been waitinf for more then 10 minutes. But you don't get mad. You still wait wondering, looking around.

In this photo, you have noticed something that just caught your suden eye. Its hot lady, that grabs your eyes from all other attention. Feel her looking back at you as well. Keep looking far across the street to achive a pose like this


This photo is a bit more fashion the others. While leaning yourself backwards to the wall, pout with you ass out. So you create a nice feel of relaxation and keep the eyes down for maximum effect.

You just had your sunglasses on, then taking them off to look closer who is coming. Remember to keep the feeling curious.. That's why I put the glasses in the mouth like this.

The car just broke down and you have a meeting to attend. What do you do. Well, you take sit and think for 2 minutes how to sort the problem out..

This is also a fashion pose i pulled whil working the camera, the photographer liked it, but not for this shoot. Anyway, try to see where the light comes from and then se where the camera man is standing to get thsoe nice dark shades. If you can try to put on a extra show here, as the photo can turn out really nice. This photo didn't have any light prepared, only natural daylight coming through the window.

You just got a brief about the acr you going to buy and want to check the inside. So you give the salesman a last strong look.. Hopefully you can get a dicount with that killer look ;) heee.

Once you've step in to the car, you see something disturbing " A PIMPLE". and you think Typicall why today ? Remember, you really need to visualize and think that you see that ugly pimle.


After you've removed that ugly Pimple, its time to hide it. Looking a bit confused in the face, with eyes not to strong anymore. Rather shy somehow, but still the BOSS.. Never lose face...

Think you are a professor, Stand straight and take a deep breath before you hear the click from the camera. Once you've heard that lcik, you take another deep pose and think and feel like Posh as Superman.

This photo you should think: HEY CARL ! I WANNA TALK TO YOU MAN...

Then expression could surprised or sad , depening on how you feel and wnat your photo to look like in the end. I always prefer to bring in some funny Comedi. Its also good, because it cheeres the other team workers up as well.

This is a day in the park, resting out with your book enjoying the beautiful summer day. Just try to get that feeling off enjoyment. Remember, a photo says more then thousand words.. So get it right !

The feeling her, try to pretend to sleep. A photographer likes a mdoel who can close their eyes as well. And not only look staright and hard directly in to camera. It also gives you a few second to rethink your next pose.


Pretend you in the park, making an act. Actually which is what you are doing. Forget about the people around, and give that extra touch for a great photo..

You found something laying on the ground, and immediately pick it up. While doiung this shoot concentarte on the object you just picked up.

This photo, you should think:
Hey, excuse me. Can I take a photo of you ?

It turned out the HOT GIRL like to be photographed by you, So you are finding new different angles to shoot her.

Ths is the photo, where you need to emagine. This woman gave you more then excellent photos. And you are amazed by her beauty.. So you smile surprisingly.

After that, You feel like you're in Heaven ;)

Think you still in heaven, so you need to shout it out load, by covering your face in the same time. This pose is always welcoming when doing catalogue shoots.


Look far, at least 100 meters away, to get that long eye look, like you really where slooking at soemthing and then just walk normal...

Think its getting a bit colder later that evening while waiting for your date, so you want to cover yourself. Remember to feel it, like its really happening.

Damn the bike broke won.. FUCK !


ANYWAY, lets have fun while waiting for help ;)


You just been to shopping and a bit shy from all the fans and women standind outside waiting for you.

Fix your hat a bit. But no big poses or expressions.

You make stop, girlfriend is calling.
It always share you up when your love ones is calling. So get that million dollar smile on of happines and excitement.

Think :
You fans have discovered you. Time to run. Wich gives you the nervous and surprised look in the eye.

Here I make a stop. The rest of photos, Is for you to play around with. Study the expressions etc and think how you would have posed in the same situations like me... Best way to become a champion in posing. Study THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER ;)



Cheers and practice this for your own success.


Tody I also received an email from Art=painter jim in Korea. He is working on the paiting where I will be looking like Jesus. Jim is a terrific at painter and his special is Jesus and crosses. On top of being UNIVERSAL PLAYER , now I will become jesus as well. Just wondering when I'm going to become God ;) hee...
Once this rare and unique painting is ready, we will autcion it away to highest bid. You are all most welcome to place your bid already now, to secure a the painting.. HE HAS ALREADY STARTED THE PAINTING.