Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Evening!

Dear Players,

It’s Thursday morning 02.50 am. Had a little get together in the model flat this evening.

Have some great news..
I’m off to South Korea for the first time early next week. Going to make stop 1-2 night in Bangkok to catch up with some friends first and hopefully get a tan ;)
Got in touch with a great agency who seems very excited to have me over for stay and on top of that. A great contract deal. Very exclusive. Just the way I like to work.
Since it not much work in Istanbul(Turkey). There is no point for me to hang around here anymore. Have already seen the most of the city, and will keep the rest for my bnext travel to Turkey.
Checking if there are any seats available. Lets hope for the best ;)
Just got in touch with an old model friend of mine I got to know in Thailand couple of years ago. Good looking male model “ Marc Jourdain” from Germany. He is currently living in South korea since 1 year back doing acting etc. Cool guy... Will see if I can get a interview with him as well ?
I’m sure you ladies will like him ;) ha ha ha..
What else except that and two casting at day time. I’ve been working a lot still with upgrading my blog etc... I feel its getting better everyday, so I can;’t stop working on it. The models in the flat think I’m crazy sitting up early mornings until 07.00 am drinking coffee and working on my mac book.. For me, its not tiring at all. Knowing you guys are waiting for some good stuff. Keep’s me motivated..
Video from Wednseday...
The posts the days are a bit late I know. Its because the damn internet here takes about 3 hours to upload one video to youyube.

P.S. Yesterday male model Andreas left back to Germany. And model Andrei from Romania just arrived.

Here is a video from wednesday.

Now my head is to tired to think.. Gotta go players.



First casting for the girl s. For some jeans acatlog...

Me & martin from Bulgaria

Milla from Slovakia & Me