Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday night post 02.30 AM

Dear Players,

How was you weekend ?

My week has been great...
Looking forward this week to come, leaving for Bangkok and South Korea later in the week. Tomorrow(Monday) I’m suppose to have a shoot for a magazine(Trendsetter) that got canceled last week due to not enough preparation.
Wednesday there will be another shoot for underwear catalog. But in turkey. You can never really say the job is confirmed until its actually finished. Client’s keep changing the date and time always if they intend to actually do the shoot in the end..
Today, Andrei has his first job in Turkey for “Arena Magazine”..

Diary 6

Why Set Goals in life?

The FBI went into one town to investigate the work of what
appeared to be a sharpshooter. They were amazed to find many bullseyes
drawn on various targets with bullets that had penetrated the
exact center of the targets. When they finally found the man who had
been doing the shooting, they asked him what his secret was.
The answer was simple: he shot the bullet first, and drew the bulls-eye later. In
application: Do we allow our activities to determine our goals, or do we have our goals
determine our activities? A bumper sticker reads:
“Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too.”
You can accomplish a lot in life. Just get your eyes on what you want. Don't think
of the reason you can't have something. Just focus in on how. Remember what Warren
Buffett said. Speaking to a group of students, the billionaire made this statement about
your potential to succeed in life,
“Everybody here has the ability absolutely to do anything I do and much beyond.
Some of you will, and some of you won’t. For the ones who won’t, it will be because
you get in your own way, not because the world doesn’t allow you.”