Monday, April 23, 2007


Dear Players,

Will keep myself short...
Today I was suppose to post videos and photos from the 3 days photo shoots(Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday).
This morning(wednesday) I left for my shoot at 13.00 Pm. It was for a underwear catalog.
I had 15 outfits to shoot. I took me less then an hour to finish it off. The girl I was shooting with had started at 10 Am in the morning and already finished of about 70-80 changes. Ha ha.. Poor girl she must have been dead tried.
Everybody at the shoot was nice and accommodating. Got my coffee on arrival, Hair and make as well.. Just the way I like it !
We where shooting in the house of the clients uncle. Very big house next to the water. The view was breath taking... So where the hosts of the photo shoot. The client invited me out for dinner later this evening, will see if I can make it as work is waiting in the house.
This video here is from my photo shoot I did on Monday for ‘Cosmopolitan magazine’.

21, 04 2007 (Saturday evening 19.30 Pm )

Dear Players,

I have now landed in Bangkok(Thailand).
Just stepped out of bed. Had the worse jet lag ever. Didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Was to busy with editing all the videos and photos for blog and friends.
Tonight I will met up with a designer friend of mine from Thailand and talk some business for the ”UNIVERSAL PLAYER MERCHANDISE”. Will stay in Bangkok for 2-3 days then after to Korea. Have some friends and work waiting for me there as well.
Tomorrow i will see if I can met a woman who is producing clothes etc for my brand “UNIVERSAL PLAYER”
Also will try to see some old friends I haven’t seen for ages.
Going to Silom area in a while to eat some nice thai food I’ve been craving for 2 month now....
Expect that, I feel great with everything that is happening to me at this moment.

My trip in Istanbul has been great. Meet some really wonderful people that will always be my friends. So I will definitely come back to Istanbul once again to see them all.
So funny, I’m quite late with my blog this week. Like that isn’t enough. While trying to log onto . It turns out the thai goverment has closed its site for people in Thailand due to some political problem. Its something about Thailand. It turns out there has been a mock about the King of Thailand on
These are seriously matters for the thai goverment as the Thai King and fmily is a very respect personality in Thailand.
Here is the issue for all the mess: This info is took out from Google news.
Thailand's military-appointed government blocked access to video-sharing Web site YouTube on Wednesday after its owner, Google, declined to withdraw a video clip mocking the country's monarch.
Communications Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom told Reuters he ordered a block of the entire site from Thailand after the ministry's attempts to block the offending page last week failed.
"Since Google has rejected our repeated requests to withdraw the clip, we can't help blocking the entire site in Thailand," said Sitthichai, a telecommunications professor who said he had spent most of his academic life researching eavesdropping devices.
"When they decide to withdraw the clip, we will withdraw the ban," he said.
YouTube, which has dominated the user-generated online video market since it was founded in February last year, carried a 44-second clip ridiculing King Bhumibol Adulyadej, among the world's longest-reigning monarchs.
The clip, seen more than 16,000 times, was posted by someone using the screen name "paddidda," who has been rudely attacked by most of the 93 people posting comments about the video, according to the Web site.
Sitthichai said YouTube had told Thai officials it did not find the clip offensive and declined their request to remove it.
Officials at YouTube or Google, which paid $1.65 billion last year for the video-sharing site, were not immediately available for comment on the clip, a series of altered images of the king.
The most offensive was the juxtaposition of a pair of women's feet, the lowest part of the body to Thai Buddhists, above the king's head, the highest part of the body.
Criticizing or offending the royal family is a crime in Thailand, where anyone found guilty of lese-majeste--an insult against the ruler of a sovereign power--can be jailed for between 3 and 15 years.
Last week, a Swiss man was sentenced to 10 years in jail for defacing images of Thai royalty, a rare prison term for a foreigner.
Oliver Rudolf Jufer, 57, received 20 years for five acts of lese-majeste, but the judge reduced the term to take into account Jufer's guilty plea. He had faced a maximum of 75 years in jail.

So now when I finally have sometime to post my stuff for the blog. I can’t access my videos. Isn’t it typical ???? WHY TODAY !!!!



Been in the hotel all day resting.

Today is Tuesday afternoon 13.00 Pm. Sitting my in Hotel room finalizing my videos and photos. I was lucky to be able uploading my work to photobucket. So I can post it for the blog. Want to have a fresh start on my arrival to Korea tomorrow(wednesday). Will go and chill out by the pool now for 1-2 hours, so I look fresh as well tomorrow. First thing once Ive arrive to korea, will be to look for a fitness place. Will try not to go out to much in Korea and try to concentrate on my workout. But we al know how that’s been going until now ;)
By eight o’clock I have an old friend”Mango” I havent seen for long time. “Mango” is coming to pick me up from the hotel. He will drop me at the airport after we had a coffee together. I am so lucky to have all these amazing friends from all over the world.
Here are photo & videos from this and last week together.
Also, don’t miss out on my new interviews under RIBBTALK.


Dear Players,

I just landed in Seoul(Korea). Just got dropped off by the manager of itsmodels agency. Very nice and fun guy to talk to, I’m sure we will get along very well here..
Time is now 09.40 Am. Will get myself ready to go for castings. Have two casting for a catalog and underwear shoot.
Should be good for me ;)
Is’m so happy when coming to the model apartment. Korea has the second fastest internet in the world. So there will be mny good things to look out for these 2 coming month ;)



My Hotel room in Bangkok. First thing when I arrived. Check my email etc...




Checked in to my hotel room...

Saying farewell for now to the agency "fashion". Askim and Tolga. Cu guys soon again ;)

Saying goodbye to the guys downstaris from our house. Tried to get them to do a Blue steel....

Casting for jeans shoot. Got the job ! But decided to leave Turkey before the shoot.

Photoshoot for Underwear catalog.

Later that evening we all ( Client, Photographer, Production house) wen for a traditional turkish dinner. Super nice food and white wine accompanied to the delicious meal. That's a perfect day(Good shoot good people and good food) easy please I am huh ;)

Video backstage from the shoot....

Shooting for Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Make up stand

Me with Hairstylist.

With me climber guy Wo will hold my rope while working the camera.

Playing around Backstage...



The monument was erected in June 1941 to commemorate the Thai victory in the brief war with the French colonial authorities in Indo-China, which resulted in Thailand annexing some territories in western Cambodia and northern and southern Laos. These were among the territories which the Kingdom of Siam had been forced to cede to France in 1893 and 1904, and patriotic Thais considered them rightfully to belong to Thailand.
In fact the fighting between the Thais and the French in December 1940 and January 1941 had been brief and inconclusive. Only 59 Thai troops were killed, and the final territorial settlement was imposed on both parties by Japan, which did not want to see a prolonged war between two regional allies at a time when it was preparing to launch a war of conquest in South East Asia. Thailand's gains were less than it hoped for, although more than the French wished to concede. Nevertheless the Thai regime of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram decided to celebrate the war as a great victory, and the monument was commissioned, designed and erected within a few months.