Saturday, March 10, 2007


Dear Players,

Yesterday night(Friday) was very long and filled with parties.
My agency fashion in Istanbul have a vip table every friday and saturday in one of Istanbul
top High end restaurants and bars. Its called “club 29”. Beautiful place with a super great view. All people are jet-setters there. Yesterday I met the son and owner of Quatar airways through my friend(kiram). He was here for business. Cool guy, very down to earth. We where suppose to met our owner of the agency Julia. But she called in sick, so all the models got a bit disappointed with her since she was the one who had told us to met her there. Fashion agency also have a new booker (Tolga). Very nice guy. He just started a few weeks back with fashion and he came with his sister with I ended up kissing a bit. Haha.. Why not.. I only live once right ;)
We stayed at club 29 for a few hours, had ourself some drinks, food and danced a bit.
Great service and hospitality from the restaurant workers. The night couldn’t have started better ;)
After some hours, we all left to a club called (Disco). 5 minutes before we got to disco, somebody had been shot there and taken away with the ambulance to hospital. I didn’t get us worried though(Were models ;) ha ha ha We got in to Disco, but the place was to pack with people and hardly couldn’t breath because of all the people and smoke. So we left to a nightspot called “Black”. Where most of Istanbul younger elite goes to have fun. Blac plays more Hip hop and R n B. Which the girls prefer better. Stayed at Black for sometime and then left for after party at ( Kristal) open until early morning.. The Dj was spinning incredible music, and I didn’t want it to end. But nce the sun started to rise and the people start waking up. We stpooed our party and headed to a friends house for some more after party, ha ha... I know.. Its kind of hardcore. But hey.. You only live once ;)
Today 12 noon, I had a casting for a catalog that I got on Tuesday next week. I might have a shot on monday. Client will get back to my agency tomorrow.
Now its 22.45 saturday evening. Just finished a movie(You,me and Dupree) with Kate hudson, Owen wilson, Michael Douglas and Matt Dillon. Funny movie...
Now I’m taking myself sometime to research and study how to do online business etc.
So much information and so many things to learn.

Hope you had a great saturday ?


Haley is getting ready to rock.

The players

Luminita and me

in the cab to t club 29

Kiram, the club promoter and me.

Our table with snacks etc. Models always have VIP everywhere.

D J Played very nice music throughout the night.

Models , booker and sister.

Booker from my agency(Fashion in Istanbul). His name is Tolga with younger sister.

Vicky, Ildiko, Luminita, Haley

Vicky is happy and rocking the dance floor.

Me and Tolga

Blue steel.

Ok, a little bit more pleaseeeee... hehe


With Tolga sister.

Me and Haley.

Tolga and me.

Me and Emren.

Ok baby. Lets take it slow ;)

Strange gay couple... But very nice and fun to party with.

I love kisses.

ildiko can you hear me ???

Give me a kiss baby ;)

Dude, check this guy mustasch. hahaha. Very fashion these day's. NOT !

Patrick: Can I suggest a threesome, ha ha ha


Casting at photographer "Cemil".

Early morning Tea.

Parts of the office.

Cemil awards.


After casting done.

Ging to the agency Fashion.

The owner of Fashion agency " Julia". She has been a model herself. She still do some work still for some top designers in Turkey.