Friday, March 09, 2007


Dear players,

Time is now 19.00 Pm
Relaxing with haley and Luminita in the model apartment.
Today I bought my new gym card. Quite expensive is must say for this kind of gym. Its cost me for a month 100 Usd. But of course its a investment for me. Did some workout earlier today. Chest, triceps and some cardio 20 minutes.
Going back to the gym at 20.30. Me and Haley are going for 1 hour spinning session and then to chillout in the Jacuzzi for 20 minutes. Tonight all the models from the agency are going to a place night club called “29”. The models from my agency Fashion, has a table with drinks and food served there every friday and saturday. And its only for the models from Fashion, not other agency models. Its good, because the models who are with my agency Fashion are more experienced in the business. The other agencies have more younger girls and guys and its difficult to have conversations with them. I’m not going to drink tonight. Getting back to my healthy lifestyle again. Maybe just have a drink, thats all.
After all its friday night.

So what are you(player) doing tonight ??



Late lunch with Haley. Its a very good small restaurant just right outside our apartment.
This dish is called "Lamahcun" somthing. Its a traditional Turkish Pizza. Very good. You put some Tomatoes and salad in the middle and role it together. Yummy !

Yo haley, hows the food brother ;)

With the owner of the restaurant.