Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night.
Been working alot lately and needed my self a bad hangover to get back on the right track.
So I headed to Ministry of sound by my self and rocked the dancefloor. With all kinds of people.
As model you dont stand in line to entrance,so I headed direct on the line for the vip guests. I manage to interview,or should I say bother one of the girls working in the entrance about a interview on the way in.. I dont think she was that amused by me. WHATEVER !
During my stops between the bars,drinks and shots. I manage to interview some funny people along the way even the toilet man.
The crowed at Ministry of sound was very young,and not that hip. As I was hoping it to be. But I did though have a really faboulous evening. I got introduced to the manager Harry,a fun outgoing guy who loves to party. We had some shots togheter and rocked the VIP away ;-) My hosting is not the best when Im sober. IM ACTUALLY QUITE TRASH,TO BE HONEST THIS EVENING.
So you can emagine how it is when im drunk.hahaha

This woman was feeling it for sure.......