Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Today I didn't have much on my plate,wich was good. I needed a break for a day,to arrange my own personal life. In the morning I went for casting,it was for a Fashion editorial with ISH Magazine. I never shoot with them before.
Casting was being held at Beach Rd. Studio'Milk Photographie' www.milkphotographie.com . The photographer I met,his name was Olivier from france. I guess that explains the spelling'Photographie'outside the studio ??? Since I dont speak any french... Anyway,he seems to be a cool guy,and the studio was looking great. So i'll hope we will do the job togheter ??? Let's wait and see ;-)

Afterwards I headed to print some of my new picture from sunday shoot for my portfolio.

As a model its very important that u keep your book updated all the time with new fresh pictures. But that doesnt necessary mean,u should take away all your old ones. I still keep many of my old ones. Its all about perfecting your book to make a good presentation when you met clients. Many Modeling agencies around the world always changed the models portfolio how they want it. Im not against that,since they obviously know the market better then I do"most of the time". But one thing for sure,is that I know my self better then anyone else. And I know what have keep me working well so far.. That's why,I always make/compose my own book in my way,and never let the agency do it... But as I sad,I dont mind if they really insist to do it... Always be flexible and openminded in your personal life and work. Thats what most important,and it makes the businesses much easier.