Monday, October 30, 2006

Chill out day !

Today I didnt do much.
Keept my self in the house all day and watching Tv.
When checking my inbox,I found this. And there's nothing better then reciving a email from client saying. How happy they are to have been working with me. Likewise ;-)

Client email/ Schiesser
Hi Patrick,How's going??? Busy?? We're busy though....Finally.........there u go.......... actually we didn't do much retouching except color toning coz everything's perfect enough!hope u like them!! Thanks again for your professional modelling which made the pics so great.See U & take care!
These are some pics from the shoot of German Underwear Brand/Schiesser

If u want to contact the photographer directly for your shoot.
Here's the Email:
Office located in Hongkong..