Saturday, May 26, 2007


Dear Players,

It has truly been a excellent weekend for me.

Just got back home, time is now 05.35 am Sunday morning and my body is a bit heavy.. Been spending great time with a beautiful korean female all weekend ;)

That’s not all the good news. Ha ha ha
More to come now. Today I received a few emails from people I never expected it from, and from people I did expect from. One email was from the associate director mr Edward carl at the well known website
Who told me that finally my write up is up and running on their website. I got so happy and jumped up in the air. I visit the website and read my article with photos etc. The choice of photos and write up couldn’t have been better placed then like it is now. I emailed Edward carl back and told him, this job I couldn’t have done it much better myself. So that means, its REALLY DAMN GOOD ;)
I’m not the easiest person to impress. but reading this article made me grew so much older and inspired me to do even better in all the things I do now. So I actually told the korean babe, SORRY BABY, GOTTA GO. I HAVE NEWS TO SHARE WITH MY FANS & READERS ;) and then after I left back home. hee
But listen.. This is not all the news for this weekend ;)
Noooooooooo. Here is some more news for the record.. Today I also received an email from “Lori” at She told me they have featured my photos on their website and its now ready for the world to see. Man, the news is just getting better and better everyday. At this moment there is nothing that will ever stop me from doing what i love. remember i told you players that a while back. And look what is happening to me now ;) if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF IN THE END !
So that is the news for today.


That’s not all yet . There is still more news to come, heee.... Get ready !
Today i also received an emil that really wasn’t expected AT ALL ! TRUST ME !
At first I couldn’t believe it when I read the emai ;)
I jumped in the air a second time. because of my happiness at that moment. And I‘m still stuck in that moment for quite sometime now...
The email was from a very famous japanese fashion photographer name “Leslie kee” BASED IN NEW YORK AND JAPAN.
In the email, he wrote me this. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE !

Just check out the people he have shoot with before and how beautiful the work is. Here’s the link to his website LESLIE KEE PHOTOGRAPHER

I mean come on. can this day get any better then this ???

Not much better, but a bit . ha ha ha..

Here are some more and last news for today, I promise ;)
On top of all these great news, I received an email from my media conexions in India. The news paper INDIA TIMES. It has been articles about the director of my former modeling agency. That I was working for in India until I decided to setup my own. This woman have been cheating far two many people in the business and it finally have cum to an end. She trie to give me a hell with lawsuits,immigration etc etc. The list is long... Here is what have been sad in the news paper. if you want to know the story why I decided to setup my own modeling agency >ribbsaetermodels India. Please read my write up on


Here are some information about what's been going on with "Sabrina Savoyaud" in India. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE!


Took some photos of couple of buildings. Nothing really special, but different for a change..

Korea bikers, packs it up..

This cute little girl was waiting for her buss from school.

Casting for Gmarket website. Its an online catalogue..

Casting directress.

Just some random guy, I snapped a photo off.

At a lounge bar. The owner is a good friend of "Adam"

Me with "Tuna".

Me with Jay. We sat for 2 1/2 half hour only taking business. Great guy and intelligent to chat with !

The onwer of the lounge club "Peter" in white shirt from second left.

Me with "Tuna" from Korea. They where celebrating a friends birthday at the same place.

ADAM: Hey Patrick, do you want some champange bro.

Yeah, please pass me some.. I'M ALWAYS THIRSTY BRO ;)

Damn, you man.. You took my drink, arrghhhh...

Model hangout, The dancefloor is always going HOT with models around ;)

Fabiana & me.

Lucky number two. UNIVERSAL PLAYER sandwiched between twin models.

Mmmm, kisses.. i like KISSES..

The waiter at the restaurant.

Noddles.. Mmmmmmm

Time is now 11.05 am Sunday. Been working this blog for a few hours already. Time to get some sleep.

Hope you had a great weekend.