Sunday, May 20, 2007



Yesterday It was big party for Paula who is leaving back to Brazil on this coming Tuesday.
We will all miss her much, and looking forward to see her again soon somewhere around the world... IActually I'm working as an agent for her, and wills end her to Hongkong after she's been to brazil 1 month.
There aren’t much to say about yesterday night. We all know how parties starts and ends ;)
I guess these photos will tell, heee...
Today (Sunday)... I had a test shoot with Anna and a new photographer. Actually I don’t need to anymore testshoots. Test shoot is usually for people who are building their portoflio and want brake in to the industry. I have tons of work/photos already. But to me its never enough. Always try to maximize your time,if you don’t have job or anything that day. Always push yourself to try new things with different people. Like it was for “Anna” today. Anna has never done photo shoot in the nude before, but today was her first. And she felt so good with herself to have been able doing it. That’s what will make us grow as humans, to try new different things life has to offer...
The photos will be ready by next week. Many of them are awesome photos, and can’t wait to show you all ;)

Photographer gave me a few photos tonight, but didn’t give me the nicest ones. Still remains with him..

Have some great news to tell as well.

Received an email yesterday from the associate director "Mr Edward Carl" at
They invited and wanted to feature me on their website soon.
Working on the q&a now that I will send them back later tonight along with 15 photos of me.
I'm so thrilled to have gotten this opportunity.
My life keeps getting better everyday ;)


Video & Photos from the Test shoot today (Sunday)